INERCO has strengthened its position as an active agent in the area of industrial safety, workplace risk prevention and emergencies in Brazil through various industry events and conferences, bringing together public administrations, universities and the main companies in the sector.

The 2nd edition of the ABRISCO Congress, the RINEM meeting and the “The evolution of liquids terminals” workshop were some of the conferences attended by INERCO Brazil.


One of these actions was the company’s participation as sponsor of the 2nd edition of the Congress of the Brazilian Association of Risk Analysis, Process Safety and Reliability, held from 23 to 25 November in Rio de Janeiro.

The event, held at the headquarters of the Industry Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FIRJAN), enjoyed an attendance of 139 and featured participants from consultancies including INERCO; government agencies such as the National Oil Agency (ANP), the Environmental Agency of the State of São Paulo (CETESB), the State Environmental Institute of Rio de Janeiro (INEA), the Brazilian Navy and the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN); companies from the sector including Petrobras, Embraer, Braskem, Lloyds Register, CHESF; and universities including UCLA, USP, UFRJ, UFBA, UFPE and UNICAMP.

During the event, INERCO Brasil executive director Ricardo Rodrigues Serpa presented two technical documents: Methodology for the qualitative evaluation of environmental risks and Emergency response and prevention at terminals handling hazardous products.


In November, INERCO Brazil also participated in the National Conference of Mutual Aid Plans and the Integrated Emergency Network (RINEM), held in the city of Santo André in Greater São Paulo.

The event was attended by 800 people, including representatives of fire stations, emergency response companies, Civil Protection, environment agencies and industry representatives, including BASF, Dow, Clariant, Fibria, Oxiteno, Ford, Volkswagen and General Motors, among others.


The event, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Liquid Terminals (ABTL), was held at the headquarters of the Santos Trade Association and welcomed representatives from the main liquid bulk terminals operating in Brazil, including Stolthaven, VOPAK, Odjfell, Ultracargo, AGEO and Adonai Química, among others.

There were also attendees from government agencies such as the Environmental Agency of the State of São Paulo (CETESB), the Fire Brigade, the Port Authority of Santos and the of Brazilian Navy.

At the event, INERCO Brazil executive director Ricardo Rodrigues Serpa gave a presentation on emergency plans and participated in a round table debate at the end of the event, where the discussion focused on proposals to improve safety and accident prevention in installations.


INERCO was also present at the 9th Brazilian Occupational Hygiene Congress, organised by the Brazilian Association of Occupational Hygienists (ABHO). The event brought together participants from 14 states and six countries to analyse the new reality of employment, brought about by globalisation and the rapid advances in information and communication technology.

INERCO Risk Prevention managing director Pablo Navarro González and INERCO Consultoría Brasil manager Ricardo Rodrigues Serpa held numerous meetings with professional occupational hygienists and researchers from various scientific disciplines, demonstrating INERCO’s expertise in the field of industrial safety and risk prevention.

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