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INERCO and ORBITAL EOS signed a strategic partnership to offer solutions based on artificial intelligence, remote sensing and advanced analytics of satellite images

INERCO and ORBITAL EOS signed a collaboration agreement to offer solutions based on leading digital technologies upgrading their environmental, sustainability and safety consulting services.

The objective of this strategic agreement is to launch solutions for environmental control and sustainability in energy and industrial activities built on remote sensing and satellite images advanced analytics based on artificial intelligence. As stated by Pedro Marín, INERCO General Manager, “this technology is part of our digitization plan. It constitutes a key step in the application of market-leading digital enabling technologies allowing us to offer and develop solutions in our environmental, sustainability and security consulting services”.

As a first result of this alliance, INERCO and ORBITAL EOS shall commercialize the EOS Viewer digital solution founded on artificial vision and image processing, with its own Artificial Intelligence algorithm, based on images from optical satellites and radars from the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA. This solution enables the identification and detectionof oil spills and stains in the sea, the monitorizationof previously defined assetsand the associated marine pollution, as well as the prediction of its evolution to define intervention strategies and contingency plans with real time data, among others.

Maritime operators shall then dispose of a continuous monitoring tool, activate alarms in early phases, activate response time, make intervention decisions based on the real emergency situation and predictions, significant cost savings. compared to other asset monitoring solutions and have support to assess sources of contamination and its real cause, among others.

For Juan Santos, Director of INERCO’s Industrial Safety Division, this partnership represents “a great opportunity to offer our clients a leading application in satellite image analytics technology with artificial intelligence for various applications, such as combating marine pollution”.

Likewise, from this agreement the development of advanced analytics of satellite images solutions shall allow us to provide solutions to the challenges of our clients in other fields of action of INERCO.


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