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Visita Director General de Energía de la Junta de Andalucía
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INERCO meets with the General Director of Energy of the Junta de Andalucía with the aim of identifying lines of collaboration for the sustainable industrial development of Andalusia As a continuation of the meeting of September 9, 2021 between the INERCO management team and the Commissioner for Climate Change and

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Visita a INERCO del Comisionado para el Cambio Climático y Modelo Energético

INERCO met the Commissioner for Climate Change and Energy Model with the aim of promoting lines of collaboration for the sustainable industrial development of Andalusia Juan Manuel Muñoz Romero, Commissioner for Climate Change and Energy Model of the Junta de Andalucía and his Technical Advisors, on September 9th, met with

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INERCO completed the installation of its proprietary software for the continuous monitoring of emissions in a Combined Cycle Gas Plant in the Atacama Region, which brings to 33 facilities of this type (of the main operators in the country) that have already with INERCO technology for this important data analysis.

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INERCO became part of the Andalusian Hydrogen Association, a body that brings together Andalusian companies linked to this element as one of the vehicles for the decarbonization process of industry, transport and the current energy system. In this way, INERCO is associated with this group, which brings together the main

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INERCO is carrying out a comprehensive project for the diagnosis and improvement of the hydrocarbon monitoring systems associated with the existing water treatment plants at the industrial facilities of the Compañía de Petróleos de Chile (COPEC) in the country. INERCO‘s team of experts has carried out a complete audit of

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INERCO will execute the important EPC project to increase the storage capacity of the Bío Bío Refinery operated by ENAP in Chile. INERCO has signed an agreement with the Chilean construction company Vial y Vives for the joint execution of the project to increase storage capacity at the Bío Bío

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INERCO mantiene su expansión internacional con la creación de una nueva filial tecnológica en India
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INERCO continues its international expansion with its implementation in India, where it has created a new technological subsidiary in the hands of its local partner, UNICON engineering.

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INERCO participates in the definition of several tractor projects such as technological engineering on the occasion of the request for Expressions of Interest (MDI) made by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain for their inclusion in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience. This process aims

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Following the success of its firstwebinaron the optimisation of sulphur recovery units in large-scale industry, INERCO held a new online seminar on this subject on 17 November, this time focusing on making the most of plant performance tests of this type. Throughout the webinar – which was attended by a

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INERCO has signed a collaboration agreement with HYDRAREDOX, a Spanish company with vanadium redox flow battery technology, to combine their capabilities in the service of decarbonisation worldwide. This technology has extremely interesting capabilities in that it allows very competitive storage of electrical energy, especially for storage times of more than

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