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Environmental InspectionEnvironmental MonitoringINERCO ChileTechnology

INERCO completed the installation of its proprietary software for the continuous monitoring of emissions in a Combined Cycle Gas Plant in the Atacama Region, which brings to 33 facilities of this type (of the main operators in the country) that have already with INERCO technology for this important data analysis.

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Environmental InspectionIndustrial Water TreatmentINERCO ChileTechnology

INERCO is carrying out a comprehensive project for the diagnosis and improvement of the hydrocarbon monitoring systems associated with the existing water treatment plants at the industrial facilities of the Compañía de Petróleos de Chile (COPEC) in the country. INERCO‘s team of experts has carried out a complete audit of

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EnvironmentEnvironmental InspectionEnvironmental MonitoringINERCO ChileTechnology

INERCO  is about to install its continuous emission control technology in the Arauco Plant modernization and expansion project that the company Celulosa Arauco y Constitución is carrying out in Chile. Specifically, INERCO will be responsible for the design, supply and commissioning of two emission measurement systems (CEMS) for reduced total

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EnvironmentEnvironmental InspectionINERCO Peru

INERCO is concluding a new strategic energy consulting project for large electricity companies. Specifically, it is preparing the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for the Friaspata region electric transmission line, a 100-kilometer stretch being developed by the ISA Group company Proyectos de Infraestructura de Perú (PDI) in the regions of Huancavelica,

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EnvironmentEnvironmental InspectionIndustrial Safety and Risk PreventionINERCO ColombiaOccupational Risk Prevention

Times are changing in the oil&gas industry, which is undergoing a significant readjustment due to the fall in the price per barrel of crude oil. This situation has brought about the obligation to reduce production costs, the freezing of large strategic projects, and even job losses… But crisis is always

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