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INERCO, environmental advisor for modeling in the agri-food sector in Brazil

INERCO carried out environmental modeling at the facilities of a major agri-food multinational that operates in Brazil. INERCO‘s experience in advanced environmental consulting has made it possible to face a modeling project, making use of cutting-edge technology to know the scope of certain emissions and advise our clients on the adaptation of their facilities in order to guarantee compliance with current regulations in Brazil.

Our modeling experts work with the state of the art in terms of simulation tools and as Alfredo Ramos, Executive Director of INERCO Brazil acknowledges, “INERCO’s work in environmental consulting both in Europe and in Latin America makes us a reference ally for projects of this type, where we have the most advanced technology for modeling emissions”.


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The Author

Alfredo Ramos Rodríguez

Alfredo Ramos Rodríguez

Diretor Executivo de INERCO Brasil e INERCO Portugal