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INERCO, member of Andalusian Hydrogen Association

INERCO became part of the Andalusian Hydrogen Association, a body that brings together Andalusian companies linked to this element as one of the vehicles for the decarbonization process of industry, transport and the current energy system.

In this way, INERCO is associated with this group, which brings together the main companies in Andalusia with a strong commitment to promoting hydrogen as the energy entity of the future. Along these lines, the Andalusian Hydrogen Association highlights the commitment of its associates to the planet and society, “so we believe in hydrogen as the energy vector of the future”.

In this sense, they highlight the vision of the group: focused on “the existence, development and implementation of a technology that offers clean energy, making the carbon footprint almost non-existent and that this energy option is the most ecological and beneficial for our planet”. Likewise, with a view to society, “studying the social and economic repercussions within our different work and social environments at all scales”.


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