INERCO Forespro has begun its specialised training at the Navy Survival Centre in Rota (Cádiz) (CESUPAR—ASET, for its Spanish initials) with the Helicopter Overwater Survival Training (HOST) course, imparted to members of the US Army.       This survival training for helicopter crew members meets NATO standards and is based on the contract signed between INERCO Forespro and the American army to train fifty members its crews; in this case, they were transferred from Germany.

The HOST course was specifically based around two training sessions. During the first session, students practiced at-sea survival techniques and evacuation exercises using life rafts at CESUPAR–ASET’s facility, one of the most modern in the world.

The second session focused on techniques for escaping from helicopters after water landings. This involved adapting the facility’s modern simulator to emulate a US Army aircraft. INERCO Forespro instructors showed students advanced concepts to guarantee their safety and escape from an aircraft in the water following an accident. They later put this knowledge into practice in an exercise at the centre’s pool.

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David Verdugo Tamayo

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