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Mining today is seeing an unusual boost at the international level, with a decisive commitment to environmental protection, safety and hazard prevention. At INERCO, we offer a range of services supported by our experience in these three essential areas. Our thirty-year history and the INERCO Group’s work in major mining countries such as Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, where INERCO has offices, and the Pyrite Belt of Huelva and Seville, make us a strategic ally in mining projects.

In its environmental work, INERCO offers land zoning and environmental prevention services, with special interest in occupancy permits, environmental inventories, species management plans and environmental impact studies. Our work over the last thirty years has enabled us to streamline the granting of environmental permits, with certain conditions and operational surveillance plans adapted to each mining project.

Another pillar of the mining sector is its mutable, organic nature and the anticipation of the legislation applicable to each case. INERCO consults in key environmental issues such as water and discharge management, emissions, noise, vibrations, sustainability, soil, incident response and environmental measures for the restoration plan through landscape integration studies, maximising legal certainty and the environmental value of the mining operation for the various stakeholders.

During the operation phase, INERCO responds to any needs for modification to the project, updates to the restoration plan and above all actions related to environmental surveillance. In the area of health and safety, INERCO offers a complete service, providing design, environmental and occupational hazard analysis (a mixed approach to safety including HAZOP, HAZID, What if? and consequence analyses) and emergency planning, which implements corrective preventive measures within a comprehensive consulting service that minimises risk cases

Once the project is underway, INERCO’s model includes plant safety audits, assessment of occupational and equipment hazards, consulting on rescue and evacuation, in risk prevention training and safety management systems.


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Esther Valdivia

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