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INERCO, an expert invited by CEPSA to their Reliability Workshop for the Industry

INERCO has been invited by Cepsa to the first event in their Reliability Workshop, organised by the Cepsa Foundation at their Palos de la Frontera facilities, a point of reference among professionals in the sector.

Antonio Díaz, Head of the Industrial Safety and Reliability Department at INERCO, focused his participation in the workshops on the use of the RAMs methodology (Reliability Availability Maintainability and safety) as well as the benefits of its application to industrial projects. In this vein, the manager of INERCO stressed the benefit of the installation of equipment with the failure rates and maintainability that are necessary according to the operation and severity of the latter in the whole system. “Because all of this allows for the maximisation of production and optimisation of investment and maintenance costs, adapting them to the importance of each piece of equipment,” notes Antonio Díaz.

The workshop was attended by technical experts and specialists from the different companies of the chemical and petrochemical sectors and other fields in the community of Huelva.


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Juan Santos Remesal

Juan Santos Remesal

Director de la División de Seguridad Industrial del Grupo INERCO y Director Gerente de REACH Integra