INERCO and LEAN HYDROGEN established a Strategic Partnership to provide green hydrogen worldwide solutions for the industrial sector

INERCO has signed a strategic alliance with LEAN HYDROGEN, a company specializing in the design, construction and O&M of hydrogen production plants using electrolysis, in order to unite its capacities at the service of the decarbonization of industry worldwide.

This integration of multidisciplinary capabilities makes it possible to offer a service at all stages of development of a hydrogen project, including feasibility studies and conceptual engineering of the best solution; the administrative processing of the project, with its environmental and safety aspects; the selection of the most appropriate electrolier technology and auxiliary systems for each case; the performance of the engineering required for its implementation; and the construction, start-up, operation and maintenance of the plants.

The aim of the projects to be developed jointly by INERCO and LEAN HYDROGEN is to obtain ‘green’ hydrogen, so called because the operation of the  electrolysis is based on the contribution of renewable electricity (photovoltaic, wind, biomass, etc.).

In this way, the development of green hydrogen projects is a complement to other renewable energy generation and storage technologies offered by INERCO, in specific applications for each industrial sector, either individually or integrated in the so-called Energy Management and Storage  Centers (CAGES).

These  Centers are an innovative proposal by INERCO which allows, from renewable electricity produced at times of low demand (or from other energy sources not directly usable, such as low-temperature heat), to store this energy for later use, or to transform it into other energy carriers.

In particular, these joint capacities with LEAN HYDROGEN for the implementation of green hydrogen projects allow INERCO, together with its experience in gasification and CO2 capture, to advance in the development of renewable fuels, complementary to hydrogen itself, such as e-fuels, produced from green hydrogen and CO2 (which, among other options, can be extracted from the gases of combustion processes, thermal gasification or anaerobic digestion).

For Pedro Marín, General Director of INERCO, this alliance means “the full training of INERCO for the development of industrial projects related to hydrogen as a source of energy and raw material, thanks to the technical capabilities and experience provided additionally by LEAN HYDROGEN. Through this Alliance with LEAN HYDROGEN and the broad portfolio of services that INERCO already provided in engineering and consultancy on Safety, Prevention and Environment (HSE) in the field of hydrogen and other energy and environmental technologies, a global offer of services is formed that makes INERCO a key ally for the industry in this unstoppable process of decarbonization and exploitation of new energy sources in which we are immersed”.

For his part, Eugenio Trillo, Director of LEAN HYDROGEN assures that “with this agreement we are creating a powerful integral work team capable of providing solutions that are adjusted to the needs of our clients who see in renewable hydrogen an excellent opportunity to make their business grow. LEAN HYDROGEN, together with INERCO, will be able to work on the entire hydrogen value chain, from the processing and obtaining of permits, where INERCO is number one and where there is a lot of work to be done together with the authorities, to the start-up and operation of hydrogen systems, where LEAN HYDROGEN is an expert thanks to the extensive experience of its people, who will be supported by the capacity of INERCO for the construction of these plants”.


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