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  • The General Director of the INERCO Corporation, Pedro Marín was present at the ceremony.
  • The facilities will accommodate over 50 technical experts and professionals from the branches of INERCO Consultoría and INERCO Tecnología.


On 12 September, INERCO opened its new offices in Santiago, specifically, on Avenida Andrés Bello, 233 Piso 3 -commune of Providencia-, a new step in their trajectory in Chile, with over 15 years working in the field of environmental and energy technology, engineering and consultancy in the areas of the environment and security in Chile, always at the service of sustainable industrial development.

Representatives from INERCO, professionals from the industry and staff in general, along with an important group of customers, celebrated the opening of the group’s new offices, where over 50 professionals and technical experts work.

César Escobar, manager of INERCO Consultoría Chile, reflected on the original objective of the company which involves not only quality products, but always delivering additional value to what the customer expects. “INERCO Chile has provided their experience in strategic projects , INERCO serving as a basis for other actions in the world,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, Julio Montañés, manager of INERCO Tecnología Chile, highlighted the professional ability of the INERCO staff that has allowed for the development of environmental solutions for atmospheric emissions as well as noise, and water treatment, among other areas. “INERCO has made available to the industry and Chilean mining all our technological solutions which are integrated in our HSEC consultancy services,” he emphasised.

Finally, Pedro Marín, general director of the INERCO Group, highlighted the importance of this milestone in the history of INERCO as an international company. “INERCO’s mission is to contribute to industrial development in a sustainable way, and our idea for the future is to become a reference on a worldwide scale in environmental and energy sustainability, as well as in security and prevention, giving solutions from the point of view of consultancy as well as technology,” he pointed out.


Caption for Photo 1 (GEDC3082): Juan Manuel López, Quality and Business Manager Controller INERCO Consultoría Chile; Pedro Marín, General Director of the INERCO Group; Claudia Palacios, Technical Manager of INERCO Consultoría Chile; María José Aracil; Julio Montañés, General Manager of INERCO Tecnología Chile; César Escobar, General Manager of INERCO Consultoría Chile.

Caption for Photo 2 (GEDC3066): Pedro Marín, General Director of the INERCO Group.

Caption for Photo 3 (GEDC3053): Attendees sharing during the opening of the new offices.

About INERCO- |

INERCO, multi-national engineering with over thirty years of experience, acts in the fields of industrial engineering, the development of advanced technology for the reduction of emissions, energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy, noise control and industrial water treatment. In addition, it provides consultancy services in the fields of the environment, industrial security, the prevention of work-place risks and training in emergencies and professional rescue.

INERCO in Chile, with over ten years of activity, works for the mining, chemical, oil & gas, electrical, energy and cement production industries as well as in infrastructures among other sectors.


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