INERCO closes 2015 with a turnover of 52.8 Million Euros, up 4 per cent from 2014

INERCO ended 2015 with a turnover of 52.8 million euros, a four per cent rise compared to 2014. These figures represent earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of 5 million euros, a growth of 14 per cent since 2014.

According to INERCO’s chief executive José González Jiménez, this improvement in the company’s profit and loss account owes to the technical divisions’ increased high-added-value production, greater levels of activity in Spain and the growing response of the foreign market, “thanks to our strong commitment to innovation and the training of our staff, which have allowed us to become leaders in energy and environmental technology, environmental consulting, industrial safety and workplace risk prevention.” INERCO’s R&D&i investment in 2015 remained at 2 million euros.

In addition to this, José González also pointed out the significant contribution of foreign markets to the 2015 results, “with Colombia, Chile, Peru and the United States being of great importance, as well as the incorporation of our new Brazilian, Mexican and Portuguese subsidiaries.” Indeed, INERCO’s sales outside of Spain represent 52.5 per cent of the total for the group, “which is testament to the international nature of our company, working for sustainable development, with projects in 60 countries spanning four continents,” said González.

At the end of 2015, INERCO was made up of a total of 17 companies specialising in the fields of engineering, energy and environmental technology, environment and industrial safety consulting and workplace risk prevention. INERCO employs 420 professionals and an additional 80 people who have joined this year as external personnel contracted for specific projects in the eight countries where INERCO is present.

As noted by the company’s chief executive, “INERCO’s commitment to its staff is essential. That is why we seek and promote the best possible qualification of our employees with advanced continuing training and professional development programmes.”

Turnover forecasts for 2016 revolve around ten per cent growth, reaching a turnover of 58 million euros. The company’s future is on track with the targets set out in its Strategic Plan, “with a clear commitment to innovation and technological development in fields like energy efficiency, the environment, safety and risk prevention, and the company’s international growth based both on consolidating our position in countries where we are already present and projecting into new markets,” said González.



In 2015, INERCO consolidated its position in the industrial engineering sector as an ally to the main operators of the oil&gas, chemicals and energy sectors. It carried out important projects for Cepsa’s petrochemicals plants in La Rábida and Gibraltar–San Roque and at the Litoral de Almería thermal plant for ENEL. Work was also done in the demanding world of oil platforms at Repsol’s Casablanca rig.


In 2015, INERCO has strengthened its position as a leader in the area of environmental and energy technology, carrying out important work for large energy companies (Petrobras, Endesa, Emgesa, Iberdrola, Gas Natural Fenosa, Scottish Power, Colbún, AES Gener and ATCO) in countries including Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Canada, the United Kingdom and Spain.

The quality of INERCO’s work led to the company receiving the Supplier of the Year award from ENERSIS (ENEL Group) for its performance in the category of “Excellence as a service provider in large projects” for Endesa Chile.

INERCO’s zero liquid discharge technology for water treatment was also used in two significant projects in Spain in 2015: at the Alespri factory plant and at one of Europe’s most modern and most efficient waste recovery plants, in As Somozas (A Coruña), run by the company Sologas.

With respect to acoustic technology, INERCO has become one of the main noise control solutions providers for solar thermal plants and in the industrial sector in general in Spain, Chile and Mexico. 


INERCO’s environmental work

INERCO strengthened its position in 2015 as a leading company in Spain and Latin America for environmental consulting in the oil&gas, mining, energy and infrastructure sectors. At the European level, the company is currently participating with strategic innovation projects for the Horizon 2020 framework programme.

In Turkey, INERCO successfully completed the largest international noise control project carried out to date. The project enabled the creation of a noise map for 17 of the main Turkish cities, with a total population of almost 27 million people and a budget of 6 million euros.

INERCO’s work in industrial safety and workplace risk prevention

INERCO has maintained its position as an international leader in the field of industrial safety and workplace risk prevention, carrying out work for Repsol, Cepsa, ENAP, Pemex, Petrobras, Galp, Técnicas Reunidas, and AMEC Foster Wheeler in Turkey, Portugal, Iran, Malaysia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Spain.


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