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INERCO conducts a webinar on the obligations in 2021 derived from the severe accident regulations (SEVESO)

INERCO carries out the webinar focused on the ‘Obligations in 2021 derived from the regulations on serious accidents (SEVESO)’, a digital meeting in which Pastora Fernández, Head of the Risk Analysis Area of ​​INERCO’s Industrial Safety Division, approached the keys of this standard to the industrial sector.

Throughout the webinar, which brought together more than 300 registrants, the INERCO expert on the SEVESO regulations conducted an extensive tour of the objectives of this legislation regarding the prevention of serious accidents focused on the presence of dangerous substances (RD 840 / 2015), the affected establishments and how to determine the level of affection of each facility, the classified substances or also the inherent obligations that industrialists and establishments must assume based on these regulations.

In this sense, Pastora Fernández, highlighted the importance of increasing safety in processes, “key to reducing and minimizing the occurrence of serious accidents”. In this line, he pointed out the importance of knowing the risks in industrial facilities as a previous step to implement preventive and mitigation measures, as well as the use of the best techniques, methodologies and appropriate software in each case, “to give rise to a culture of security that goes beyond mere compliance with the law ”.

INERCO resumes with this webinar its successful cycle of specialized digital meetings with a series of events in which the INERCO Group experts will break down the current keys in work areas such as Industrial Safety, Product Safety (Reach), Prevention Risk, the Environment or energy technologies and process optimization.


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Juan Santos Remesal

Juan Santos Remesal

Director de la División de Seguridad Industrial del Grupo INERCO y Director Gerente de REACH Integra