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INERCO develops weather Forecasting technology that helps measure air quality

INERCO has expanded its portfolio of services in the area of environmental modelling with the development of a system based on the use of the WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) Eulerian nonhydrostatic mesoscale model for the continuous generation of predictive weather information.         The system enables predictions to be made for any weather variable for a 48-hour period (or even longer periods) by constantly running the WRF model. This means the model is particularly interesting in facilities whose air quality impact must be monitored.

Knowledge of variables such as wind speed and trajectory is essential to predicting the impact of facilities on their immediate surroundings, which also provides operators with critical information for decision-making, where necessary, regarding the implementation of corrective measures to minimise impact on inmission levels.

This service, which complements INERCO’s diagnostic meteorology capacities (obtaining variables for complete meteorological series during specific periods), perfectly accompanies our SiPCA tool (Sistema Predictivo de Calidad Ambiental, “Environmental Quality Prediction System”), a web application developed by INERCO that is directed at the actual and forecasted impact of industrial installations on atmospheric pollutant inmission levels.

SiPCA not only provides constant information on the actual level of impact of a specific facility on air quality, using in situ meteorological measurements, but also allows for the estimation of future impact at current emission levels, which is valuable information for operators in the decision-making process.


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Esther Valdivia

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