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INERCO, expert in industrial odours at the AIQBE Technical Workshops

INERCO participated in the first Technical Workshop hosted by the Association of Basic Chemical and Energy Industries in Huelva (AIQBE), held on 8 November 2017. Representatives from the companies of the important industrial sector in Huelva participated in this event, which also brought together members of the Administration to analyse different key aspects and put experiences on the table of Workplace Risk Prevention, the Environment, Maintenance and Communication.

INERCO participated as part of the environmental panel as an expert in the effect of odours. Ángel Pérez Garrido, Area Management of INERCO Environmental Models, broke down the experience acquired in the last few years in this field, where they have many references in different air quality studies.

During his participation, the expert from INERCO explained the methodology and main areas of effect for the odour concentration determination studies, through objective, internationally-accepted methods.

In this respect, Ángel Pérez stated, among other issues, the three essential steps in the development of odour studies using “dynamic olfactometry”: “the characterisation of sources, for the quantification of the odour emission: the modelling of these emissions, for the estimation of the odour levels in the environment; and the assessment of the results, for the determination of whether there really is a problem or not.”


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Esther Valdivia

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