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INERCO gives a scholarship to fifteen participants of the ‘Sputnik’ program for talent, innovation and entrepreneurship in Andalusia

Pedro Marín, General Manager, and José Antonio Peregrín, Head of Innovation at INERCO, attended the inauguration of the first meeting of the ‘Sputnik’ project, the training programme in exponential technologies and creation of start-ups focused on training 500 young people -5,000 in the next ten years- aged between 16 and 30 in 2020.

This first BootCamp has focused its objectives on the formation of the mentality of the participants, gathered during two days to, as the organization says, “instill in them a global vision, ambition and initiative for entrepreneurship”.

As recognized by its promoter, Professor Juan Martinez Barea, this project aims to become a space for motivation, inspiration and development of new talent in technology to give rise to new technological start-ups. “I studied at the best universities in the world and ended up working in Silicon Valley. I realized that the colleagues I was meeting in these places were not brighter than those in Seville, but they had logistics that we did not have here,” he explained to the audience during the presentation.

INERCO, as a collaborating company, offers a total of fifteen scholarships for as many participants in the program, the most brilliant students in high school and training cycles, university students with the greatest talent and potential, for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Likewise, three technicians from INERCO‘s staff also actively participate in the planned activities.


Innovation is part of the DNA of INERCO, the first spin-off from the University of Seville, which has promoted the ‘Sputnik’ project since its origins.

For José Antonio Peregrín, head of Innovation at INERCO, the essence of this programme fits in perfectly “with our innovative strategic vision in the field of sustainable industrial development, for which we also have internal development and start-ups accelerator programmes, such as the INERCO Open Innovation project”.


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