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INERCO appeared in the Guide to Environmental Citizen Participation in the times of COVID-19 published by the National Association of Businesses of Colombia

INERCO has actively participated in the preparation of the ‘Guide for environmental citizen participation: broadening and diversifying participation – non-presential and semi-presential scenarios’, a document prepared by the National Association of Businesses of Colombia (ANDI), with the collaboration of more than 30 mining, oil&gas and energy companies, among others.

This initiative was created with the central objective of providing solutions and a methodology that will allow authorities and companies to move forward together in the construction of national guidelines in this era of COVID-19, ensuring that participation is prior, broad, deliberative, effective and efficient, at a key moment for Colombia’s economic reactivation.

As acknowledged by Laura Fernández, General Manager Inerco Colombia, this is “part of our commitment to the active participation of collaborative spaces where the concert of different actors allows for the construction of proposals for solutions in the economic and social reactivation of the country, which is why INERCO shared the experience and lessons learned in the preparation of environmental studies in the midst of the pandemic”.


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The Author

Laura Fernández Baco

Laura Fernández Baco

Gerente General INERCO Consultoría Colombia