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INERCO participates in the greatest archeological discovery in Colombian history

INERCO has actively participated in the discovery and revitalisation of the archeological site of the Muisca people, the most significant discovery of this type in Colombia in recent times.

The building work of the Nueva Esperanza substation, in Soacha (Cudinamarca), has made possible the recovery of 15 tonnes of archeological remains on the land now occupied by the electrical substation operated by Codensa that will supply the population of Bogotá.

Specifically, the work carried out by INERCO -with a human team of 150 professionals- has focussed on accompanying the construction of the transmission lines of CODENSA’s Nueva Esperanza project, where the greatest archeological discovery in the history of Colombia was found: 612 human bones and 88 pieces of ceramics found in the first stage of construction of the Nueva Esperanza substation.

All the material, analysed and classified in the Archeological Laboratory of INERCO Colombia, has deepened our knowledge about the Muisca society 24 centuries ago. As Tatiana Santa, technical coordinator at INERCO, affirms, it “has enabled us to obtain information about the health and social, urban and economic development of this group of people who lived near the Tequendama Falls, a territory now occupied by the municipality of Soacha.”


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Laura Fernández Baco

Laura Fernández Baco

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