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INERCO Perú participating in the recovery os soils contaminated by industrial use

Taking advantage of INERCO’s international skills and experience in the comprehensive management of contaminated soils, INERCO Consultoría Perú has carried out important work for customers in the renewable energy, oil&gas and agro-foods sectors for compliance with Directorial Resolution (RD) 2/2013 and 2/2014 on contaminated soils, which are applicable to companies working in soils in Peru.

Specifically, INERCO Peru has been commissioned for consultancy services and project execution for companies in the wind energy sector and the exploitation of oil and refining (gas), for which it has carried out historical studies of sites and sampling plans, evaluated results and reviewed compliance with environmental quality standards (EQS). In function of the results of these EQS, the necessary steps were also taken to ensure compliance with the environmental regulations in force.

In these cases, INERCO Consultoría Perú provided a complete solution from field work to laboratory analysis, an integrated service facilitating the adaptation of soil for industrial use and the legal compliance established in the regulation.

Our professionals’ environmental and conservation expertise has served as a guarantee in the various studies carried out, which have involved the experience and the highly-qualified personnel of the INERCO group, which has a history of over 30 years in the field in Latin America and Europe.


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Nanni Albónico de Rojas

Nanni Albónico de Rojas

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