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INERCO is currently carrying out significant industrial safety projects internationally for large engineering firms and operators in the oil&gas (upstream and downstream), petrochemicals, chemicals, mining and energy sectors, among others.

Our presence in Europe, Latin America and the US and our experience in safety projects in more than 40 countries enable us to offer a range of integrated solutions and advanced services in the analysis of hazards, process safety and the integrity of facilities. INERCO also brings these large projects the capability and experience of a highly qualified, plurilingual team with broad experience carrying out studies for different types of facilities, always adapting to the customer’s needs.

INERCO applies advanced criteria and international standards and regulations in each sector. The series of tools INERCO applies in its customers’ projects include PHA analysis, HAZID/HAZOP, LOPA, SIL/Verification and SRS, fire and gas, quantitative risk analysis and ALARP and studies such as BOW-TIE, RAMS analysis, risk-based inspection (RBI) and risk-centred maintenance (RCM), critical element studies, barrier analysis and operating standards.

These techniques enable the company to identify and assess hazards in plants’ design and operation and the necessary measures for implementation, making the process safer and more effective.


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Juan Santos Remesal

Juan Santos Remesal

Director de la División de Seguridad Industrial del Grupo INERCO y Director Gerente de REACH Integra

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