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INERCO has successfully introduced its ABACO technology for the reduction of emissions and energy optimization in two of the thermal power plants operated by Iberdrola in Spain: those of Velilla (Palencia) and Lada (Asturias). In the case of the Palencia plant, INERCO has installed the ABACO—Flexicom technology in the plant´s

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INERCO celebrated its Weekly ‘Challenges and normative trend opportunities in Chile about reduction and control of emissions of stationary sources in the industry’, a meeting where experts in the matter analysed topics related to air quality regulations, implementation of green taxes, development of plans for decontamination and emissions in the

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Combustion SystemsINERCO SpainTechnology

INERCO has successfully implemented its ABACO technology at the multinational ATCO Power’s Battle River thermal plant in Alberta (Canada). The project was carried out by INERCO’s American subsidiary INERCO ETech, and aims to optimise the energy use and reduce the emissions of unit five of the plant, with 405 MW generation

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