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INERCO La captura y uso del CO2. Análisis estratégico, técnico y económico
INERCO IndiaNOx ControlTechnology

INERCO has held two webinars focused on the keys to reducing polluting emissions and the challenges faced by the energy industry in India, especially those that continue to use fossil fuels in their generation processes. As Enrique Bosch,ManagingDirector of INERCO ETECH, comments, the Government of India has set new standards

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Combustion SystemsINERCO SpainNOx ControlTechnology

INERCO has successfully introduced its ABACO technology for the reduction of emissions and energy optimization in two of the thermal power plants operated by Iberdrola in Spain: those of Velilla (Palencia) and Lada (Asturias). In the case of the Palencia plant, INERCO has installed the ABACO—Flexicom technology in the plant´s

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Climate Change and SustainabilityEnvironmentNOx ControlTechnology

International energy and environment experts, including INERCO president Vicente Cortés, participated in the International Conference on Contribution of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the fight against climate change, organised by the Chemical and Environmental Engineering department of the Seville Higher Technical School of Engineering. The initiative is promoted by the Ministry

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INERCO ChileNOx ControlTechnology

INERCO has been awarded the 2015 ENERSIS Group (ENDESA–Chile) Suppliers award in the category “Excellence as a Service Provider in Large Projects” in recognition of its work to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency at the Bocamina power station in the commune of Coronel (Region VIII). INERCO is the leading technology company

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