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INERCO breaks down the keys to reducing pollutant emissions to India’s energy industry through two webinars

INERCO has held two webinars focused on the keys to reducing polluting emissions and the challenges faced by the energy industry in India, especially those that continue to use fossil fuels in their generation processes.

As Enrique Bosch,ManagingDirector of INERCO ETECH, comments, the Government of India has set new standards for the main air pollutants, “especially particulate matter (PM), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). This important new regulation is a revision of the deadlines and limits set so far, which is a major challenge for most companies in the power sector.

The head of INERCO was in charge of explaining to the attendees the main challenges in terms of NOx reduction that their plants will face, a diagnosis based on INERCO’s experience in the implementation of its technologies for the reduction of emissions and energy optimisation in plants and refineries in Europe, America and Asia for the main international operators.

INERCO‘s extensive experience over the last 25 years has allowed us to develop our own know-how, tailor-made for each case, an ally when it comes to optimising the operation of installations currently in use and which has become a success story in each project carried out”.

The two digital meetings with representatives of the Indian energy industry have also allowed INERCO’s expert vision of the challenges of the energy sector in this country, as well as the technological solutions already in place to comply with existing environmental legislation.

Meeting NOx emission challenges in India’s power sector (15th december 2020)

Technologies for NOx Reduction in India (2nd June 2020)


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Enrique Bosch

Enrique Bosch

Managing Director INERCO ETech