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INERCO presents its water treatment technologies in a webinar for industry in Spain and Latin America

INERCO has held a webinar focused on water recovery and reuse technologies in industry as a key element to achieve Zero Dumping, one of the main technological activities it develops, with numerous projects executed worldwide for sectors such as chemicals, paper, sanitary, mining, foundry, metal-mechanical or automotive, among others.

Antonio Copado, Managing Director of INERCO Water Treatment, discussed the importance of Zero Discharge, one of the major objectives of the industry in the context of current optimisation and sustainability. He gave an extensive and detailed overview of the different technological alternatives for the regeneration and reuse of industrial water that make it possible to achieve Zero Discharge, with special interest in the current and future prospects for an audience made up of representatives from the industrial sector in Spain and Latin America. In particular, the advantages of evaporation as a specific technology in this process were analysed.

In this regard, Antonio Copado highlighted the value of this technology “because it allows the recovery of practically all treated water and can be used alone or in addition to other technologies. It also allows us to solve problems for specific pollutants that cannot be treated with other technologies”.

Another of the main blocks of the webinar focused on the examples of water treatment technology installed by INERCO in its projects around the world, where a tour was given of the different projects and cutting-edge technological solutions successfully installed, such as the optimisation of water consumption through an improved system in car washes or the zero discharges from an anodising plant and a landfill, “all processes designed by combining different technologies, including the application of physicochemical processes, reverse osmosis, electrochemical, chemical absorption or evaporation, among others”.


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Antonio Copado Ceballos

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