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INERCO Colombia, expert advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank in its report on Public Private Partnership projects in Latin America

INERCO Colombia participated as an expert advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) through a monographic analytical report on the efficient and sustainable preparation of investment and infrastructure projects of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Latin America, from an environmental, social and property perspective.

INERCO’s team of experts in Colombia has prepared a report, through statistics and case studies, that delves into the barriers to implementing Sustainable Infrastructure under the PPP modality in Latin America and the Caribbean, from the perspective of environmental, social and land sustainability.

As Laura Fernández, General Manager of INERCO Colombia, comments, “this roadmap provides recommendations for action at different levels that involve cross-cutting actions for the supervision and monitoring of projects and the proper identification, evaluation, and allocation of environmental, social, and property risks during the life cycle of projects”.

The study developed by INERCO has included a total of five Latin American countries (Colombia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico) from which several examples have been presented and recommendations for a more efficient and effective implementation of environmental and social management of public-private partnership projects have been provided.


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Laura Fernández Baco

Laura Fernández Baco

Gerente General INERCO Consultoría Colombia