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INERCO’s continuous emissions monitoring technology has become a point of reference for electricity generation companies. INERCO has recently signed contracts with AES Gener and Colbún, two of Chile’s main energy companies, to install its continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS). Specifically, the agreement includes the provision of a total of five

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INERCO celebrated its Weekly ‘Challenges and normative trend opportunities in Chile about reduction and control of emissions of stationary sources in the industry’, a meeting where experts in the matter analysed topics related to air quality regulations, implementation of green taxes, development of plans for decontamination and emissions in the

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EnvironmentEnvironmental MonitoringINERCO ChileTechnology

As a result of the tax reform implemented in Chile, some companies with begin to pay taxes on fixed-source emissions for the first time in 2018, based on 2017 emissions. Taxing fixed-source emissions is an instrument used widely by governments across the world. Strictly speaking, green taxes should be implemented

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Environmental MonitoringINERCO Chile

Continuous monitoring first became a legal requirement with the entry into force of D.S. No. 13/2011 of the Ministry of the Environment, “Establishing emissions standards for thermal power stations”. Subsequently in late 2013, these types of monitoring systems began to be applied in the mining sector, with the publication of the

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Environmental MonitoringTechnology

INERCO offers specialised services to test the guarantees, start-up and optimisation of industrial equipment and facilities at the level of characterising emissions and parameters related to the process. These make it possible to check contractual guarantees and even to optimise the related process. These checks are essential in ensuring that

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