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INERCO advises and develops documentation on serious accidents in pyrotechnical installations

INERCO has advised and developed the necessary safety documentation for the prevention of serious accidents for a pyrotechnic company in Portugal. Technicians from INERCO Portugal’s Safety Area visited the facilities of this company, which has a long tradition in the world of Portuguese pyrotechnics, to update its safety documentation on the storage of pyrotechnic products, a key requirement for its operation and to guarantee the absence of serious accidents at its facilities.

This documentation is an indispensable administrative requirement of the major accident legislation for the handling and storage of explosive materials, which makes it necessary to update and periodically review it by specialized technicians.


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Alfredo Ramos Rodríguez

Alfredo Ramos Rodríguez

Diretor Executivo de INERCO Brasil e INERCO Portugal