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INERCO analyses in a webinar the different ways of managing and revaluing contaminated soil in Latin America

INERCO analyzed different options in the management of contaminated soils  through the webinar  “Risk Management of Contaminated Soils. Revaluation of Assets”, where three experts from INERCO Group analysed the different variables in the management of contaminated soils.

The online conference, attended by nearly 100 professionals from Latin America, was led by Juan Manuel López Suárez, Technology Manager, Andean and Southern Cone Countries of INERCO, and allowed the audience to learn about different strategies to control risks in the management of potentially contaminated soils, as well as the revaluation of their assets. In addition, during the morning, definitions in soil and groundwater remediation, their technologies and process costs were specified.

During the first presentation, which examined international practices in this area, Bruno Coquelet, Director of INERCO’s Soil and Groundwater Division, explained the numerous experiences developed in the industrial sectors, with mining, oil & gas and the electricity sector being the most in need of this type of advice. Additionally, the INERCO professional presented the existing methodologies in the management of risks to human health and the environment.

In a second presentation, Enith Yamile, Director of the Soil and Groundwater Area of INERCO Colombia, carried out a complete diagnosis in the management of potentially contaminated areas, where a preliminary qualitative evaluation of the situation must first be made, followed, only when considered necessary, by a quantitative evaluation, through soil and groundwater sampling, and finally leading to a quantitative analysis of risks to human health or the environment, when the presence of contaminants is detected in the subsoil with concentrations above the reference values.

In the third and final presentation, Joaquín Enrile, Head of Soil and Groundwater Business Development at INERCO, spoke about technologies and costs in soil and groundwater remediation. In this sense, the specialist defined the processes and different alternatives in the revaluation of soils. Likewise, he detailed the indicative costs and respective times in the management of contaminated soils, as well as their follow-up, control and final certification.

At the end of the event, INERCO experts answered the many questions expressed by the participants of the Webinar


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Juan Manuel López Suárez

Juan Manuel López Suárez

Gerente de Calidad y Negocios. Controller en INERCO Consultoría Chile