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INERCO becomes part of the Chemical Substances Committee of the National Association of Business Owners (ANDI)

INERCO has become part of the Chemical Substances Committee of the Colombian National Association of Business Owners (ANDI). In this committee, from the perspective of business, comments are reviewed and generated on the draft framework regulations related to the management of chemical substances that the Colombian national government will issue as part of the commitments for adhering to the OECD.

Within this framework, the following topics have been worked on such as Industrial Use Chemical Substances Management, Serious Accident Prevention, Adoption of the Gobally Harmonised System and Emission Register and Transfers of Pollutants among others. These are fields in which INERCO has had proven experience over the last few decades of work in Colombia as well as in other countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Key players in the sector form part of this body alongside INERCO, such as BASF, DOW QUÍMICA, MERCK AZUL K, MEXICHEM, GUIVAUDAN, ORBIS and ARL SURA and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce for: cosmetics, fragrances and smells, of pesticides, gases and ports

Some of the entities invited to some committees have been: Ministry of the Environment (mainly), Ministry of Work, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Trade, ONAC and UNIDO.



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Laura Fernández Baco

Laura Fernández Baco

Gerente General INERCO Consultoría Colombia