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The Government of Colombia selects INERCO as an expert advisor for the new Chemical Substances of Industrial Use Management Programme (PGSQUI)

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Work, Trade and Tourism and the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDS) of the Colombian Government have selected INERCO as an expert international consultancy company for the regulation stage of the new Chemical Substances of Industrial Use Management Programme (CSIUMP).

This project establishes the definition of the documents necessary for the National Authority of Environmental Licenses (NAEL) to verify the risk assessments and the environmental risk reduction and management programmes carried out by importers or manufacturers of industrial chemical substances.

The first stage of the work has focussed on the holding of workshops where information for the diagnostics of chemical substance monitoring processes was made available, as well as knowing the institutional capacity before the implementation of the CSIUMP.

Along these lines, guide paths have been created for the NAEL that facilitate the verification of the environmental risk assessments and the environmental risk reduction and management programme in the field of industrial use chemical substances. In addition, a financial sustainability proposal has been developed for the implementation of the CSIUMP and an awareness-raising workshop with the governmental bodies involved.

For Laura Fernández, General Manager of INERCO Colombia, this specialised consultancy work will allow the Colombian Administration “to have the ability to carry out verification, assessment and monitoring in the field of integral management of industrial use chemical substances that is currently being carried out.”

INERCO has REACH Integra as part of its Group, one of the leading European consultancy firms in integral solutions for companies that market chemical products and are obliged to address the obligations imposed by the regulations on chemical products on a national and European level.

INERCO’s services cover all the obligations and stages that the different legislations that REACH Integra provides technical support to: REACH, DPD, CLP/GHS, Biocidas, etc. require.


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The Author

Laura Fernández Baco

Laura Fernández Baco

Gerente General INERCO Consultoría Colombia