INERCO creates the ‘INERCO OPEN INNOVATION’ programme, a space for developing innovative projects for sustainable industry

INERCO is implementing ‘INERCO Open Innovation’, a specialised programme for the acceleration of innovative initiatives applied to sustainable industrial development.

True to its origins – as the first spinoff of the University of Seville in 1984 – INERCO launches this call for support to initiatives from any part of the world focussed on the areas of Energy, the Environment, Industrial Safety and Occupational Hazard Prevention in key sectors such as the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, electrical generation, infrastructure, mining and industrial engineering industries.

In this manner, INERCO will contribute spaces and infrastructures, business support and financial support (from €3,000) for those projects —underway or fledgling— selected by the call panel in accordance with their originality and degree of innovation, feasibility and viability of the business, sustainability and growth potential, as well as the linkage to the areas of activity and strategic sectors of INERCO.

The application period of the first edition of INERCO Open Innovation will be open until 30 June through the website, where those interested may complete the form with the project data.

For Luis Cañadas, corporate director of Innovation at INERCO, INERCO’s Open Innovation proposal aims to drive forward “innovative projects that work along the line of sustainable industrial development, which will be supported by INERCO for their development, both with financial support and business support, in each and every one of the headquarters in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and USA”.

In this regard, Cañadas highlights the advice and mentoring in the fields of business management, business development, economic—financial capital and human resources that INERCO will bring to each initiative selected, “as well as the potential internationalisation of the project selected in the markets through the channels provided by INERCO, which also commits to assess and materialise its participation in the project in agreement with its proponents”.


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