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INERCO carries out process risk analysis studies for the chemical industry in Portugal

INERCO carried out HAZOP and SIL studies at the facilities of an important chemical company, located in Estarreja (Aveiro District). The team of experts from INERCO’s Industrial Safety Division has carried out a complete process risk analysis through the HAZOP (HAZard & OPerability Analysis) methodology, as well as SIL studies on the level of safety integrity in these facilities. industrial.

These analyzes, although they are not mandatory, are key pieces to guarantee the safety of the processes that take place in an industrial activity. For Alfredo Ramos, Executive Director of INERCO Portugal, “INERCO’s international experience in the field of Security is a guarantee for the industry also in Portugal, where we continue to put our know-how at the service of the main sectors of the country, with the confidence provided by our large number of references in the field of HAZOP and SIL studies, among many others, for projects in more than 70 countries around the world ”.


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Alfredo Ramos Rodríguez

Alfredo Ramos Rodríguez

Diretor Executivo de INERCO Brasil e INERCO Portugal