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INERCO Forespro awarded the contract for the Spanish Navy´s aircraft survival centre (CESUPAR)

The Spanish Navy has selected INERCO Forespro to provide management and maintenance for its Aircraft Survival Training Centre (CESUPAR) at the Rota naval base in Cádiz.

The agreement, effective until late 2019 with the possibility of extension to the end of 2021, affords INERCO Forespro the chance to manage one of the most advance at-sea survival and aircraft emergency simulation centres in the world.

In parallel to this, INERCO Forespro will be responsible for training navy, army and air force personnel in five different disciplines. Instruction will also be given to personnel from other State security forces and to foreign customers such as the US Navy, Marines and Army.

Likewise, the centre and its capabilities will be made available to INERCO Forespro customers including helicopter and airline operators and manufacturers from the aerospace sector, who have already been working at the company’s facilities in Seville for years.

Works to condition and prepare the centre are to begin in the coming weeks, with a view to offering a broad portfolio of rescue and emergency courses based around excellence and safety as a standard.


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