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INERCO hosts the presentation of singularity summit Spain to members of The Cartuja entrepreneurs´ association

INERCO hosted the presentation of the Singularity Summit Spain project to members of the Círculo de Empresarios de la Cartuja (“Cartuja Entrepreneurs’ Association”). Singularity Summit Spain is to be held in Seville from 12 to 14 March. Goñi y Rey Foundation vice-president Luis Rey gave attendees an explanation of the details of the initiative, which focuses on analysing technological development and its applications in fields including energy, health, medicine and biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics and manufacturing, information and communication technology, the acceleration of change and security.

The event, promoted by the Singularity University, is coming to southern Europe for the first time after successful experiences in Budapest (2013) and Amsterdam (2014), with the support of the Goñi y Rey Foundation. Singularity Summit Spain will bring together over 700 researchers, directors of leading European and international companies, entrepreneurs and professionals, who in Seville will find a working space where they can evaluate the changes to come in the near future and the influence of technology in those changes.

The Singularity University is an institution that focuses on innovation and cutting-edge developments in the digital world. Headquartered at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley and supported by Google, it promotes the use of technology at the service of society.


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