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INERCO implements safety audits for machinery during its design and manufacturing processes

INERCO has carried out safety and prevention audits for a new production line acquired by an important multinational company in the paper and corrugated cardboard sector. This work was carried out during the initial off-plan design process and the assembly of the machinery, at the facilities of the manufacturer, a well-renowned international firm.

This new prevention methodology developed by INERCO allows for the correction of possible problems and their causes in an initial phase, in such a way that greater safety and reliability is provided by the manufacturer themselves, as well as saving future costs incurred by the purchaser for the possible corrections that they would have to make.

As Pablo Navarro –manager of INERCO Risk Prevention– highlights, projects like this emphasise “INERCO’s vocation for innovation in essential fields such as safety, with audits during the design process and the assembly of the machinery, that opens a very beneficial new field of action for manufacturers as well as the industry and its search for the highest level of safety in its procedures.”


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The Author

Pablo Navarro González

Pablo Navarro González

Gerente de INERCO Prevención de Riesgos Laborales