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INERCO presents its advanced technological solutions for vent silencers through a webinar focused on the European and Latin American markets

INERCO held a webinar in which it presented its advanced technological solutions in noise control for the industrial sector in Europe and Latin America. This virtual session brought together around one hundred representatives of some thirty companies from the oil&gas, chemical, petrochemical, paper and engineering sectors, among others.

During his talk, Javier López-Nogués, Head of the Acoustic Technology Area at INERCO, delved into such essential aspects in the day-to-day running of an industrial installation as the importance of reducing the noise generated by atmospheric venting devices for steam and other gases under pressure in plants, “both for compliance with the regulations in force in each country and for the occupational health of workers, for which INERCO has various solutions already successfully implemented worldwide”.

López-Nogués broke down throughout the webinar the different solutions for controlling industrial noise by installing vent silencers, “based on our own developed methodology that allows us to carry out the optimized design of each silencer according to the input parameters defined by the industrial process itself”.

INERCO is a leader in the design and manufacture of all types of silencers for large industry, “with customized assemblies for each situation, because each industrial installation has characteristics that make it unique, and the silencer implemented must be adjusted to these circumstances”, said Javier López-Nogués, who also went through the critical success factors in a vent silencer installation.

INERCO has extensive experience in the field of noise control and vibration reduction for the industrial sector, with projects spread throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia for the main operators in their respective sectors.


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