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INERCO provides safety advice on the project for the future industrial hydrogen plant in Puertollano

INERCO has participated in the project of the future hydrogen plant being built in Puertollano (Ciudad Real. Spain) by two Spanish multinationals, with the development of HAZID, EAC, HAZOP and SIL risk studies, as well as the site safety report.

This energy project, the largest in Europe for industrial use from 100% renewable sources, has benefited from INERCO’s expert advice on safety, a field in which we have been working for more than 30 years with the most advanced methodology at the service of industry in more than 70 countries.

As Juan Santos,Directorof INERCO’s Industrial Safety Division, acknowledges, “given the characteristics of hydrogen, the applicable safety concept must go far beyond compliance with legal obligations, industrial regulations, technical standards or design standards. It also requires the experienced use of advanced tools for the identification, assessment and management of risks, as a support for administration and decision-making”.

It is essential to achieve high levels of safety in green hydrogen facilities: both in the design and engineering, as well as in their operation and maintenance, so that we ensure the continuity of the operation and business,” Juan Santos points out.


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The Author

Juan Santos Remesal

Juan Santos Remesal

Director de la División de Seguridad Industrial del Grupo INERCO y Director Gerente de REACH Integra