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INERCO’S technological solutions for the treatment of water at landfills and in industry in Colombia

Thirty business representatives from the Colombian landfill, oil, pharmaceuticals and chemicals sectors participated in a conference on “HSE management and water treatment in landfills and industry”, held on 1 March in Bogotá.

Colombia’s new legal environment requires measures be taken to comply with the new discharge limits, in line with what has been done in the last decade in markets such as Europe. These measures consist in the application of different leachate treatment technologies, both the more traditional solutions (physico-chemical treatments) and others developed more recently (evaporation processes and latest-generation membranes for reverse osmosis).

INERCO has extensive expertise and experience in the development and implementation of turnkey projects in plants combining these technologies to achieve proper treatment of leachate from these landfills. The conference addressed present and future challenges in the areas of industrial and landfill water, effective HSE management in landfills and real solutions for leachate treatment.

According to Francisco Hoces–Moral, manager of INERCO Consultoría Colombia, the event’s attendance “demonstrates the current concern in Colombia’s different productive sectors about complying effectively with discharge regulations.” Hoces-Moral also highlighted INERCO’s capacities in the area, “using proven proprietary technology with guaranteed results.”


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