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The birth of Winda, the global digital database for GWO certificates

The GWO has launched a global regulated training database for the wind industry. Winda is a global record to verify the GWO certification status of certified training providers and the level of training of students who have attended GWO-certified training courses and workers who have participated in training actions.

Since 17 October, it has been mandatory for all people who have received GWO-certified training to upload their details to Winda; the same is required of students and certified training centres, such as INERCO Forespro’s centres in Spain and Costa Rica, which have already completed this process. Paper certificates are also being eliminated, with certificates becoming electronic and being registered on each student’s record.


Winda’s main use, as highlighted by the GWO, is to improve the safety and reliability of approved training providers and the level of training of delegated instructors. This eliminates the risk of fraud by non-certified training providers, using a simple, freely accessible online register showing up-to-date qualifications for centres and staff.


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David Verdugo Tamayo

David Verdugo Tamayo

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