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The INERCO Chair addresses the importance of managing safety and risks in industry

The INERCO Chair has hosted the technical seminar “Managing safety and risks in industry”, a conference aimed at students of the Seville Higher Technical School of Engineering (ETSI) which demonstrated key aspects of this activity, essential in the industry today, to future industrial technicians and managers.

Workplace risk prevention regulations are under continuous development; together with other factors such as the industrial sector’s voluntary commitment to safety, this obliges industrial technicians and managers to periodically renew their knowledge about new obligations and responsibilities and to apply safety measures to effectively reduce risk.

To that end, the INERCO Chair dealt with subjects such as essential factors in risk management, hazard analyses as management tools, emergency planning and self-protection or priority actions in workplace risk prevention in industry. Expert technicians from INERCO’s industrial safety and risk prevention departments were responsible for giving the talks, also giving participating students first-hand accounts of INERCO’s experience in both fields in recent decades.

The INERCO Chair aims to promote teaching activities and interdisciplinary research to study the situation, issues and perspectives of environmental and safety risks in all relevant areas. In this teaching activity, INERCO has since 2005 run the training programme and carried out research to improve ETSI students’ training.


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Juan Santos Remesal

Juan Santos Remesal

Director de la División de Seguridad Industrial del Grupo INERCO y Director Gerente de REACH Integra

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