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INERCO applies the HUMAN HAZOP methodology for the prevention of industrial accidents to the installations of a chemical multinational in Portugal

INERCO is developing HUMAN HAZOPs for the facilities of a chemical multinational in Portugal. HUMAN HAZOP is the most structured methodology for identifying corrective measures aimed at  minimizing industrial risks, mainly of a catastrophic nature, associated with the Human Factor, of special relevance in process industries.

INERCO is an expert in the application of HUMAN HAZOP and other methodologies for the Analysis of Industrial Risks by Human Factor for Large-scale Industry, completing the analysis of risks by Human Factor in the design phase of installations (the so-called Human Factor Engineering),  minimizing the probability of both occupational and large-scale industrial accidents, both in design and operation.

For Pablo Navarro, Director of INERCO Risk Prevention, “systematically tackling the prevention of accidents – occupational and industrial – by Human Factor is essential to make a qualitative leap in Safety”. In this sense, he highlighted INERCO’s wide range of references in this field, “with projects in Europe and Latin America for the oil&gas, chemical and petrochemical sector”.


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Pablo Navarro González

Pablo Navarro González

Gerente de INERCO Prevención de Riesgos Laborales