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INERCO breaks down the keys to new sustainable financing and taxonomy for industry in Europe in INERCO webinars

INERCO has held a webinar focusing on ‘Taxonomy and sustainable financing’, the new investment model promoted by the European Union within the framework of the new Industrial Strategy for a green, competitive and digital Europe.

The European Green Deal establishes a roadmap with actions to promote the efficient use of resources with a clean and circular economy, the restoration of biodiversity and the reduction of pollution. In this sense, this document describes the necessary investments and available funding instruments to make the EU climate neutral in 2050, with a tight schedule in 2020-2021.

According to Javier Hidalgo, Head of the Environmental Department of INERCOO, the European Green Pact prioritizes comparable and verifiable information, “allowing buyers to make more sustainable decisions and reducing the risk of ‘greenwashing’, a need that will be intensified through a standard methodology, regulatory and non-regulatory efforts, as well as digitalization and the electronic passport of products.

Throughout the webinar, the INERCO expert broke down the criteria for taxonomy and sustainable financing, and explained the current European framework, sustainable investments and the vision of institutions, companies and the financial sector.

“All this,” says Javier Hidalgo, “to achieve mitigation and adaptation to climate change, with sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, a transition to a model of circular economy, prevention and control of pollution and, of course, protection of healthy ecosystems.

Thus, the taxonomy establishes very detailed criteria to identify those activities susceptible to ‘sustainable’ financing in Europe through, for example, Green Bonds, and to help investors and managers in the diagnosis and alignment with those parameters of decarbonization and sustainability that will make possible the financing and positioning of their activity. In addition, “it will allow us to set limits to the so-called ‘greenwashing’, by which activities are sometimes presented as being respectful of the environment which, in fact, are not”, the INERCO expert points out.

In this sense, “INERCO has extensive experience as an ally for large industry in Spain and Europe in the field of environmental and security consultancy, which makes us a key player in this new gear that brings with it sustainable financing and taxonomy criteria”, explains Javier Hidalgo.


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