INERCO discusses the importance of optimising sulphur recovery units in a webinar

INERCO has held a webinar focused on the optimisation of a sulphur recovery unit, a technical session organised in relation to this process, which is key for industrial facilities such as oil refineries and gas treatment plants.

Antonio Alvarado, manager of INERCO Inspección y Control, highlighted the importance and benefits of this process of characterisation and optimisation of sulphur, amine and acid water recovery units, “where INERCO offers valuable support in the operation process, as well as in the reduction of emissions and minimisation of costs”.

Alejandro Jiménez, Head of Advanced Process Monitoring and Performance Analysis at INERCO, was in charge of breaking down the basics of the Claus process in the webinar, as well as the key points for the optimisation of an industrial Sulphur Recovery Unit.

In this sense, Alejandro Jiménez highlighted the benefits of carrying out a study of the unit’s maximum capacity, “because it allows us to obtain the best performance from the unit by adapting to the real needs of the plants in terms of current demands, as opposed to the design demands”.


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The Author

Antonio Alvarado Ramos

Antonio Alvarado Ramos

Gerente de INERCO Inspección y Control