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INERCO, guest expert in contaminated soil and groundwater management at ANDI Colombia webinar

INERCO has participated as a guest expert in the webinar ‘Management of risks associated with contaminated soil and groundwater for the valorisation of business assets’, an event organised by the National Association of Colombian Businessmen (ANDI).

BrunoCoquelet,Directorof the Soil and Groundwater Division of INERCO, and Enith Murcia, Director of the Soil Area of INERCO Colombia, were the invited experts in charge of explaining to the attendees of this online event the importance of the valorisation of business assets and the need to enable urban land for a new activity. Gabriel Medina Moncayo, Technical Manager of INERCO Consultoría Colombia, also participated in this event.

In addition, different solutions for the control of risks associated with contaminated soils and groundwater through proper diagnosis were discussed, as well as soil and groundwater remediation technologies for the revaluation of assets.

In addition to this more technical input from INERCO, representatives and guests from ANDI, the Ministry of the Environment and Bancolombia gave an overview of the need for governance for the management and control of contaminated soils in Bogotá, as well as an overview of the services offered by investment banking to undertake this type of project.


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Laura Fernández Baco

Laura Fernández Baco

Gerente General INERCO Consultoría Colombia