INERCO and ABSORSISTEM will work together on energy optimization through absorption cycle heat pumps and chillers

INERCO, a global company that supports sustainable industrial development through services in the fields of Engineering, Technology and HSE Consulting – and ABSORSISTEM, a company specializing in applications of heat pumps and industrial refrigeration, signed a collaboration agreement for the development and supply of solutions for energy optimization of industrial processes and facilities through heat pumps and / or absorption cycle chillers.

This type of heat pump by absorption allows to recover up to 50% of the energy from low temperature sources (between 75º and 125ºC) to transfer it to other heat consumers that operate at temperatures up to 50ºC higher.

This technology constitutes a way to provide thermal energy to industrial applications, taking advantage of very common residual heat in the industry, which would otherwise be emitted into the environment, replacing the fossil fuels that are usually used for these uses by a small amount of electrical energy of origin. renewable (less than 5% of the equivalent thermal energy that is recovered).

According to Pedro Marín, General Director of INERCO, this new technology will be included as an element to improve the energy efficiency of industrial equipment and processes of our clients, “in conventional applications and others of an innovative nature aimed at the deployment of renewable generation sources and to the development of decarbonization solutions in the industrial and energy sectors, in which INERCO has been working for years with an important global position”.

Manuel Carvajal, General Director of ABSORSISTEM highlights the important background of his company during the last 35 years in the supply of this cutting-edge technology not only in Spain, but also in other key markets for INERCO, such as Portugal, Colombia or Mexico. In this sense, he qualifies this collaboration agreement “as a great opportunity for the application of our equipment, associated with the decarbonization process in which the industry is immersed on a global scale”.


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