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INERCO, participated as an expert guest at the webinar held by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico on biosafety protocols against COVID-19

INERCO attended as a speaker in the webinar on risk prevention focused on the measures to be adopted to resume business activity through biosafety protocols in the face of the effects of COVID-19. This initiative, organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, has benefited from INERCO’s experience in risk prevention in the face of this pandemic, which has tested safety protocols and Business Continuity Plans in the industrial sector worldwide.

Pablo Navarro, director of INERCO’s Occupational Safety and Health Division, presented the participants with the knowledge put into practice and the lessons learned by INERCO in Europe on the strategies to follow in the face of the COVID-19 threat, examples to be followed now in Latin America.

In this sense, he pointed out the challenges that organizations face to give continuity to their businesses, “because it is of utmost importance that organizations identify the business processes that could be most affected and from them configure an effective action plan that helps to maintain the operation.

For his part, Álvaro Gerardo Gutiérrez, head of OSH at INERCO Mexico, detailed the plan of actions to be carried out, “among which the formation of technical committees with the active participation of senior management for fast and effective decision-making and in which the roles and responsibilities of the members are defined” to, firstly, assess the risks, define the protocols, evaluate the capacity of the management system and the effectiveness of the measures implemented. “And to be able to respond to the evolution of events, in particular of the pandemic itself and to the legislative modifications dictated by the authorities”.

INERCO’s experience in Business Continuity Plans has provided a realistic vision for their implementation in emergency contexts, such as that derived from COVID-19. As Dr. Raúl Hernández, from INERCO Mexico and Occupational Physician, pointed out, it is necessary to have “a process that takes into account planning, health promotion measures, the definition of protection measures, temporary policies, control, monitoring and support policy, once infection scenarios have been identified and evaluated, and taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the management system, in order to take the necessary measures”.


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