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INERCO Peru presents key aspects of workplace health and safety to the hydrocarbons sector in Talara

INERCO Peru has given an industrial safety, process safety and risk management workshop in Talara, aimed at workplace safety and health (OSH) managers and other interested parties in the hydrocarbons sector.

The engineer Juan Santos Remesal, director of the INERCO Group’s Industrial Safety division, inaugurated the event, recalling the most significant accidents to have taken place in different parts of the world and discussing the causes and lessons learned. He also spoke in detail on health, safety and environment (HSE) processes in chemicals installations through the integrated management of safety and risk prevention at all phases of industrial activity, compared international safety standards to Peruvian and Chilean legislation, and finally presented the Process Safety Programme as an operating tool for the proper management of risk at chemicals facilities.

The engineer Juan Peralta, OSH director at INERCO Peru, presented international best practices and tools for the analysis of process hazards, including HAZOP studies, checklists, What if? analyses, FMEA, SIL/LOPA EAC or FHA studies, ACR, C.I. water needs, evacuation analyses, RAM, CFD simulations and ATEX studies, among others, applied according to the asset’s life cycle.

The event closed with a review of the different methodologies of modelling consequences and opened the stage for extensive debate between all participants.


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