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INERCO shares its experience at the international industrial safety congress in Mexico

INERCO was an active participant in talks at the International Congress of Industrial Safety (CISI, for its Spanish initials), the largest event in Mexico and Latin America on safety, occupational health and hygiene, which was attended by over 10,000 people, mostly professionals.

Dr Raúl Hernández Morales, business development manager at INERCO Consultoría México, was responsible for participation in the CISI series of lectures, speaking on the subject of “Effective accident investigation”. He addressed issues including investigation groups’ robust understanding of requirements of an effective accident investigation “in order to stimulate deductive thought, making it possible to identify the root causes that gave rise to an accident, trace the hazard and establish the indispensable corrective actions to prevent the accident from occurring again. And, of course, always ensuring that this is applied at all facilities.”

During his talk, the INERCO Consultoría México representative put particular emphasis on the importance of going beyond knowing investigation methodologies, and of “not treating each accident as occurring in isolation from the company’s workplace risk prevention management, instead relying on analysis to lead us to knowledge about what element of the prevention system failed.”

INERCO Consultoría México’s participation strengthens the company’s positioning in the industrial safety market at the international level. In the last 30 years, INERCO has carried out projects in more that 60 countries for companies in the oil&gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, mining, electric and cement sectors, among others.


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