INERCO’S Quechua-language public awareness-raising and dissemination activities on connectivity and the internet for the citizens of Huancavelica (Peru)

INERCO Peru has successfully completed a series of awareness-raising and information activities on the benefits and use on the Internet and connectivity for inhabitants of Peru’s Huancanvelica region.

INERCO was awarded the project by Gilat Networks Perú to provide the Awareness-Raising and Dissemination Service in 354 towns as part of the project to install broadband for inclusive connectivity and the social development of the region of Huancavelica. The service took the form of a series of workshops given in Quechua; these were attended by around 200,000 people in the region.

The objective of the broadband installation project was to achieve inclusive connectivity in the region, installing broadband Internet at public institutions such as educational centres, health centres and police stations, and promoting local, regional and national integration to contribute to the country’s technical development. This plan included the process of awareness-raising and dissemination, in which INERCO participated.

INERCO’s work specifically involved running awareness-raising workshops and in the technical deployment of the project, which required the design of tools and methodologies, depending on the target audience.

Taking into account the principle of promoting the procurement of local labour, as specified in the Global Compact Progress Report, INERCO established a local team made up of 40 social management specialists contracted in the region, as well as its own employees.

For INERCO, the project involved the challenge of participating actively in an initiative to contribute to a country’s social development.

(Photography: David Alexis)


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