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The incorporation of Cuevavaliente within INERCO has, for the first time, generated a global and comprehensive range of advisory services for customers, covering all aspects of both Security and Safety

Alfonso Bilbao, CEO of Cuevavaliente Ingenieros INERCO Francisco J. Hoces-Moral, director of Consultancy Services at INERCO

The incorporation of Cuevavaliente Ingenieros into the INERCO Group took place at the end of 2017. This integration, which follows on from the close collaboration developed over recent years between the two companies, has, for the first time, generated a global and comprehensive range of advisory services for customers, in all aspects of both Security and Safety.

Alfonso Bilbao, head of Cuevavaliente Ingenieros and Francisco J. Hoces-Moral, director of Consultancy Services at INERCO, analyse the prospects of this integration, which will boost Cuevavaliente’s consulting and engineering capacities, as an associate of an internationally renowned group like INERCO, with headquarters in Spain, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and the USA.

 What did the Cuevavaliente integration within INERCO entail and why was it carried out?

Alfonso Bilbao (AB): The integration of Cuevavaliente within INERCO was a natural process, based on a mutual work philosophy, with shared values and complementarity between both firms. This led to our collaboration in projects over the years resulting in a stronger partnership, endorsed by our integration at the end of 2017.

Francisco J. Hoces-Moral (FJHM): INERCO’s Strategic Plan establishes the development of new technologies and services, together with a presence in new international markets.

Cuevavaliente is a clear example of what INERCO understands to be a natural integration: a firm that shares our values and principles, offering specialist and strategic services for our customers, joining INERCO, while maintaining its highly qualified and professional human team: from Management -which is still the owner shareholder- to all its technicians.

AB: For us, a key part of this agreement was sharing the same mission, values and professional independence with INERCO, which enables us to operate as we have been doing since we first began, over twelve years ago. This integration within INERCO offers us the chance to grow in new key markets for Security, such as Latin America.

How has this change affected Cuevavaliente in terms of its structure and its day-to-day affairs?

AB: Our integration within an important Group like INERCO, has been very simple thanks to the protocols established by the firm, allowing the integration to run smoothly. We now understand what it is like to have powerful central services, which have speeded up our tasks in some administrative and financial management aspects, allowing us to focus on, and improve, added-value activities such as innovation, project development, customer service, technical training, etc.

The independence we have retained, enables us to concentrate on our development plans established in recent years, with services for key sectors such as banking, infrastructures, singular buildings or public agencies, and which are now enhanced by INERCO’s more traditional customers from industrial sectors such as the oil & gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, mining or energy sectors.

FJHM: The services offered by Cuevavaliente Ingenieros will be the same as those offered over the past years: Advanced Consulting and Engineering applied to Security, under the same management and with the same team of professionals as always, headed by Alfonso Bilbao and Enrique Bilbao.

This new stage will also create new opportunities for development and professional growth for the entire team at Cuevavaliente in markets and countries in which INERCO already operates, which will now include the Security services offered by Cuevavaliente.

How does the incorporation of Cuevavaliente affect INERCO?

FJHM: This integration is essential for INERCO within our Consulting area, since we can offer our customers an additional service together with the more traditional services covering Occupational Risk Prevention, Industrial Safety and Health Safety and Environment (HSE).

Therefore, this is an important step for us in our endeavour to establish ourselves as a leading consultancy firm in the markets in which we operate, now including Security services, which translates into a pioneering global service (which would now be HSSE), with new prospects for our customers.

AB: Cuevavaliente Ingenieros is a firm with a dominant position in the area of Security in Spain and it is also present in projects in Latin American countries, such as Mexico. This new stage, following the incorporation within INERCO, offers us the chance to further boost our work in these markets, in which INERCO is already the trusted company for large corporations and/or Administrations.

Does Cuevavaliente’s independence regarding Security products and services coincide with INERCO’s philosophy?

AB: Absolutely. We could not have reached this integration agreement if this were not the case. This was very clear to both INERCO and Cuevavaliente right from the start, because independence in our services is fundamental and forms part of our values. It is also non-negotiable, and neither party was prepared to forfeit this independence in this new stage.

FJHM: This subject of independence was one of the aspects that made our integration even easier, since INERCO shares that same value. Both INERCO and Cuevavaliente have worked with our customers with complete independence, always seeking the best available solutions, based on real requirements and our experience, without any ties with systems or services. And this philosophy will continue to be the same.

Francisco Javier Hoces-Moral, director de Consultoría de Inerco; Alfonso Bilbao, director general de Cuevavaliente Inerco; Enrique Bilbao, director técnico de Cuevavaliente; y Juan Santos Remesal, director de Seguridad Industrial de Inerco.

What are the plans for the new Cuevavaliente INERCO?

AB: Our services will continue to be the same as we have been offering until now: Consulting aimed at Security Departments: audits, implementation of ISO 31000 management systems, assistance for PIC legislation, Risk Analysis, etc. and Engineering aimed at the implementation of new Security Systems: preparing Projects, assistance in the assessment of proposals, project management…

Cuevavaliente offers assistance for its customers with marked independence and utmost confidentiality and discretion in its comprehensive security projects. All of this with a commitment to innovation and dedication to key areas such as cybersecurity.

In addition to this, we should highlight the new opportunities offered by INERCO’s presence in key countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru or Portugal, which will help us to develop and to incorporate professionals specialising in Security in these countries. This will be an important step forward in the Latin American market for Cuevavaliente, without forgetting our position in Spain, where we are distinct leaders in this field.

FJHM: at a corporate level, the incorporation of Cuevavaliente is a significant boost to the technical synergies with other departments within INERCO. Therefore, we are complementing the existing services in the areas of technologies, engineering and consulting in HSE, with Cuevavaliente’s Security services to increase our range of services from HSE to HSSE.


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